Libra Green



The sustainable capacity of a product is not a matter of chance but rather pre planned well before manufacture. As a result Libra has invested a considerable amount of time, money and energy in research and development to ensure Libra products benefit both the consumer and the environment.


As part of the process of ensuring Libra develops sustainable products, Libra has entered into a dialogue with key stakeholders and utilizes their input to focus their research and development on the most up to date and effective energy-efficient , environmentally-friendly solutions to manufacture. This ensures Libra products retain their timeless form with the added benefit of being environmentally friendly.


Sustainable factory initiatives include the capturing and recycling of excess heat generated by our neighbouring ceramic factory and redirecting it into the Libra curing process. Also the selection and purchasing of raw materials for manufacture are subject to strict ecological and economical requirements. All materials have to be of the least environmentally impactful properties in order to be utilised in the manufacture of Libra products.


LIBRA has made it their goal to reconstitute all by-products of manufacture back into the production cycle, wherever possible. The in-house Libra rule ensures all acrylic offcuts are collected and allocated to an acrylic recycling project in partnership with our acrylic suppliers. Surplus chemicals and resins from the manufacturing process are disposed of under strict environmentally friendly disposal criteria.


Wherever possible Libra has created a packaging solution that utilises a slotted assembly method that requires minimal glued areas. The cardboard die cut inserts that comprise the packaging are all made of recycled material without the addition of metal staples to hold the packaging together. Thanks to this kind of intelligence Libra avoids the usage and ultimate wastage of valuable packing space and unnecessary polystyrene packaging while still ensuring maximum protection for the product.


This is all part of Libra's aim at reducing CO2 emissions and the drive of "LIBRA GREEN".